Plant Genetic Engineering (PGE)

Agriculture growth has to be maintained for sustained supply of food and raw materials to burgeoning population as well as industries. Plants are the major sources of food supply and in future they will be the major contributors of raw materials to industries. But many factors such as drought, land degradation, pests and diseases are coming in the way of production and productivity. New approaches are needed to expand production, in order to improve food security and meet the increasing demands for food at national and international levels. Plant biotechnology has the potential to provide the answers to some of the world’s most intractable problems concerning agriculture. Plant Biotechnology is being used to address problems in all areas of agricultural production and processing.

The study of “Genomics and Plant Biotechnology” will help us to understand the relationship between the structure and organization of the genome and the function of the genome as it directs plant growth, development, physiological activities, and other processes important to crop improvement. The ultimate aim of the present domain “Plant Genomics and Biotechnology” is to train students to understand, identify, characterize, alter and rapidly and precisely manipulate genes that control various plant traits important to the productivity and sustainability of agricultural crops. In addition, students will also learn many of the techniques which can be used to aid classical plant breeding by way of using genetic markers for shortening the time required for breeding and selection cycles. This domain also provides an opportunity for the students to understand and create novel transgenic plants by genetic engineering with agronomically important traits, modifying plant constituents that are used in the food, chemical and energy industries and also production of pharmaceutical components such as bioactive peptides, vaccines, antibodies and a range of enzymes.

Many medium and large-sized national and multinational companies are working in the area of plant biotechnology. There are Monsanto, Dow Agro Sciences, Mahyco, Rasi, Avesthagen, Metahelix, etc., The companies are involved in the development of transgenic crops, use of markers in breeding, cloning and characterization of economically important genes against pests, pathogen, salinity stress etc., and commercial micro propagation of crops.

India is mainly an agrarian country where in the production and productivity of crops are comparatively low when compared to developed countries. The low productivity coupled with increased need of food for its growing population provides an opportunity for plant biotech industry to step in to meet the demand. This provides a huge demand for trained industry ready manpower to engage in plant biotech industry.

Institutions offering the course:

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1 Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering
Shavige Malleshwara Hills, Kumaraswamy layout
Bengaluru – 560078.
Dr. S. Kiran
080 42161748 / 42161749

Mrs. Supreetha
080 42161748 / 42161749
2 Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology
University of Agricultural Sciences, Krishinagar Road
Dharwad – 580005.
Dr. Nadaf H.L
0836 2741092

Dr. Ramesh Bhat
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