Student Course Fee Support

Government of Karnataka to bear 50% of the maximum course fee fixed at Rs.50,000/- i.e., Rs.25,000/- per student for maximum ten number of resident students of Karnataka allotted to each of the 18 eighteen host institutions. The amount will be released to BiSEP Host Institutions directly after completing the due admission process and submission of prescribed set of documents by them. This facility is not applicable to students from other States joining the course under BiSEP.

Student Fellow Support

Student Fellowship Support for candidates selected for admission to courses offered under BiSEP of the selected 18 host institutions will be eligible to receive student fellowship at the rate of Rs.10000/- p.m from K -Tech. In order to receive Rs.10000/- p.m student fellowship amount, the candidate need to put up minimum 75% attendance for that particular month. Candidates who do not have stipulated minimum 75% attendance per month without valid reasons as approved by competent authorities of BiSEP Host Institutes are not eligible to receive Student Fellowship Support for that particular month wherein the shortage of attendance was noted.

Department of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka is supporting Fellowship amount for eligible Resident Students from Karnataka and Department of Biotechnology, Government of India to students from other States getting enrolled for courses offered under BiSEP.