Cellular and Molecular Diagnostics (CMD)

Cellular and Molecular Diagnostics of diseases is a rapidly growing translational area that bridges discoveries in molecular pathogenesis by basic scientists and the application of these discoveries in useful clinical assays. Diagnosis of diseases, either human or veterinary has evolved over the past decades. With the advances in translational technologies, diagnostic industries have been growing rapidly, integrating recent advances in genomics and proteomics into their arsenal. This is in addition to currently practiced traditional pathological, immunological, biochemical, cellular and molecular diagnostics of number of diseases. In this ever growing field, there is immediate need for trained personnel who are not only equipped with knowledge to understand the relevance of diagnostic tests, but are also able to handle the sophisticated equipment used in the modern diagnostic laboratories. Biotechnology Finishing School concept precisely wished to address this lacunae to facilitate growth of this important sector of biotechnology.

Scope and Application

Currently, there is a need for human resource to cater to the needs of diagnostic industries to adapt, discover, develop and translate various diagnostic tests which are in use. It is envisaged that there will be a continued and growing demand for rapid, reliable and high-throughput, cost-effective diagnostic tests in future. The course is designed to fill this void by creating fully trained manpower who are able to face the challenges that are encountered in any diagnostic industry. These include industries who manufacture diagnostic products and the service providers who undertake cellular and molecular diagnostic at the primary, secondary and tertiary sites.

Various Industrial giants are involved making this dreams a reality. Industries like GVK Biosciences, MNCs like IBM, Biocon, Dr. Reddy’s labs - DAC, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals are actively involved.

The curriculum of the Cellular and Molecular Diagnostics consists of hands-on training in routine as well as state-of-the-art technologies catering to the needs of diagnostic industries. It is also envisaged that there will be an intense interaction with the diagnostic industries and their constant input and feedback for the benefit of the student.

Institutions offering the course

Sl. No. Name and address of the Institution Contact Person / Details Code
1 School of Life Sciences,
Manipal Academy of higher education.
Planetarium Complex
Manipal – 576104
Dr. K. Satyamoorthy
0820 2922702 / 2922058

Dr. Herman Sunil Dsouza
0820 2922702 / 2922058
2 The Oxford College of Science
No.32, 17th B Main, Sector IV,
Dr. R. Kavyashree
080 3026 6351 / 30266302

Dr Nirmala Nair
080 266319 / 3266351
3 Mount Carmel College
58, Palace Road, Vasanthnagar
Bengaluru - 560052.
Dr. Anusha Srikanth
080 22261759

Ms. Telphy Kuriakose
080 22261759
4 SDM College of Medical Sciences and Hospital
Manjushree Nagar, Sattur
Dharwad – 580009.
Dr. Praveen Kumar Shetty
0836 2477574

Dr. Vidya Patil
0836 2477574