Bioinformatics & Big Data Analytics (BBD)

Bioinformatics is the computer-assisted data management discipline that helps us gather, analyze, and represent this information in order to, understand life’s processes in the healthy and disease states, and find new or better drugs. Recent advancements in sequencing have made enormous contributions to understanding the biology of life forms. Reduced cost of high-throughput sequencing instruments helping the small biology labs to become big-data generators and even labs without such instruments can become big-data users by accessing terabytes of data from public repositories at the NCBI or EBI.

Biologists are joining the big-data club. With the advent of high-throughput genomics and proteomics, life scientists have started to handle with massive data sets, encountering challenges with handling, processing and moving information.Bioinformatics scientists are increasingly being employing these data to reveal key systems-level properties.

The advance in the field of Bioinformatics is offering multiple options to address these big data to find the answers. Because of the complexity of biomedical big data, there is a growing need to produce bioinformatics professionals that are capable of processing, analyzing and interpreting big data. The Bioinformatics and Big Data Analytics program has been designed to train students to understand, analyze, interpret and manage the biological big data using Bioinformatics tools and software.

Scope and application Bioinformatics And Big Data Analytics

Big data technologies are rapidly being used for biomedical, health-care informatics and agriculture research.Advancement in biomedical and life sciences research is contributing for generation of huge amount of data at an unprecedented speed and scale. Especially genomics and proteomics instruments are producing the terabytes of data. The Bioinformatics and Big Data Analytics are providing new opportunities to discover new knowledge and create novel methods to take better decisions. At the national and international level various agencies are involved in developing tools, software and interpreting big data.

List of major companies

Some of the big player at the international level includes GlaxoSmithKline, IBM, Genentech, and Sigma Aldrich. At the national level includes Strand Life Sciences, Genotypic Technology, Bionivid Technology, Xcode Life Sciences, Kyvor Genomics, Sci-Genome, Eurofins Genomics Pvt. Ltd, Xcelris Genomics and more than 20 startup are actively involved.

Institution/s offering the course

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Siddaganga Institute of Technology
B.H. Road, Tumakuru – 572103.
Dr. B.S. Gowrishankar
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Mr. Vivek Chandramohan
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