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Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society

Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society , a registered society with the brand name K-Tech under Department of Information Technology ,Biotechnology and Science and Technology is facilitating and promoting the IT and BT sectors in the State by organizing as well as participating in Trade shows, Conferences, Symposia, Seminars held at National and International levels etc. This enables to project the State and its potential for investments, implementation of its policies and programs, assisting industries in getting quick clearances, administering incentives and concessions announced in State policies.

Biotechnology Facilitation Cell (BFC)

K-Tech (Formerly known as KBITS) created Biotechnology Facilitation Cell on 1st December 2012 and appointed Dr. Mittur N. Jagadish, Principal Consultant (Biotechnology) as its Head. The other members of the team presently include Dr. S. Balasubramanya, Senior Consultant (Biotechnology), Mrs. Rekha JM, Associate Executive and Mrs. Hemapriya S, Associate Executive. K-Tech is keen to strengthen BFC team further with addition of subject experts in the many emerging areas of Biotechnology.

BFC functions as the key facilitator in K-Tech to further implement directions outlined in the Biotechnology Policy v3.0. These include:

Fostering growth of Biotechnology Industry by providing incentives made available by the State Government through various policies including Biotechnology Policy v3.0.
Develop a skilled workforce attuned to the requirements of the industry and encourage entrepreneurship among biotech students through the Biotechnology Skill Enhancement Programme (BiSEP)
Facilitate training and development programmes for faculty to keep them abreast with the latest biotech technologies and trends
Encourage fellowships and certificate programmes for Karnataka domiciled professionals and researchers to retain skilled human capital and provide commensurate career opportunities
Conduct coordinated and integrated R&D with emphasis on facilitating progress beyond the lab to address key prioritized societal issues
Development of a technology/research aggregator of biotech ideas platform for transfer of technologies from research laboratories to the market.
Leveraging the IT capabilities of the state to encourage development of Bio-IT tools and solutions
Funding through Karnataka BioVenture Fund, Fund of Funds, Grand Challenges, Idea2POC, , and establishment of Technology Business Incubators to stimulate innovations and discoveries that would aid growth in the bioeconomy
Support to Emerging Technologies including Bio-Agriculture, Marine Biotechnology, Rare Diseases Management, Synthetic Biology, Omics, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Anti-microbial Resistance, Bioengineering, Medical Devices & Microbiome.

BFC under the guidance of K-Tech and Department of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka works closely with many members of the Vision Group on Biotechnology (VGBT), members of ABLE (www.ableindia.com) and other stake holders to promote Biotechnology in the State of Karnataka and beyond.